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Buildium is the ultimate solution for real estate professionals to simplify property management.

Do you struggle to manage your property efficiently as a real-estate professional? Are you overwhelmed with administrative tasks that are tedious and paperwork that is endless? You’ve come to the right place! Buildium will revolutionize the way you manage your property. Buildium is a comprehensive solution for landlords, community associations, and property managers. This guide will show you how Buildium can streamline your business and save you money and time.

Streamlined property management: Buildium simplifies your property management by centralizing important tasks on one platform. This software streamlines all aspects of property management, from tenant screening to lease management and rent collection. You can easily access information, monitor financials and communicate with tenants from your computer or mobile phone. You can say goodbye to a jumble of spreadsheets and piles of paper!

Communication is key to property management. Buildium is a communication platform that enables seamless interaction between owners, tenants, and property managers. You can update information, send messages and share documents in real time, so that everyone is on the exact same page. This feature saves you time and increases transparency. It also fosters better relationships between tenants and owners.

Automated Rent collection and financial management: Tracking rent payments and managing finances is a tedious and error-prone task. Buildium automates the rent collection process, sending automated reminders to tenants and allowing them to pay online. It also offers comprehensive accounting features that simplify financial management. These include expense tracking, budgeting and detailed reports. Buildium allows you to stay in control of your finances, and make informed choices.

Tenant and Lease management made easy: Buildium simplifies the tenant and lease process, making it efficient and hassle free. You can screen tenants easily, track their status and create professional lease agreements. It also offers automated lease reminders to help you avoid expensive vacancies. Buildium helps property managers provide excellent service to tenants by keeping tenant information organized and accessible.

Property management is not complete without robust maintenance and inspection tools. Buildium provides powerful tools for managing maintenance requests. Tenants can submit requests online, and property managers can track and prioritize these requests. It also allows you to schedule inspections and ensure that your property is in good condition. Buildium streamlines these processes to save you time and resolve maintenance issues quickly.

  • Essential Plan: Starting at $55/month 
  • Growth Plan: Starting at $174/month 
  • Premium Plan: Starting at $375/month 

Buildium simplifies the management of properties for real estate agents. It is an intuitive and comprehensive platform. This software offers everything from efficient communication to streamlined financial management, automated rent collection to robust maintenance tools. Buildium will help you automate your manual processes. Experience a new level in efficiency when managing your property.

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