Three ways to advertise medium-term rentals 

Many of my Denver clients will attest that medium-term rentals are an excellent way to invest in real estate. It is because they are more profitable, attract a larger clientele, and have less stress.

Many people have trouble finding a long-term tenant. This is why I’m writing the article. You can find tenants for medium-term leases quite easily. I’ll show you how to do it below.

How to find medium-term renters

1. Airbnb

Huh? What? Airbnb?

Is Airbnb the enemy of all cities, neighborhood associations and alike? Airbnb is a real problem.

If you decide that short-term rentals require too much effort or if your city makes the decision for you, then you can still use Airbnb to find renters who are willing to stay longer. Airbnb lets you specify a minimum stay. In this case, simply change the length of your stay to 30 days or more.

It is our main source for finding medium-term tenants. It has been good for us.

There are two caveats to this.

  1. Airbnb will still charge you 3% of the total stay if booking is done through their site.
  2. You should give a lease to anyone who stays at your home for more than 30 days. You will avoid squatting problems. It’s good to formalize the relationship with a contract, especially if you have been together for so long.

2. Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace

Craigslist was/has been a good source for us in terms of medium-term rentals, even though I think it is going to die quickly to Facebook Marketplace. We used it as our main source to find medium-term tenants before we realized that Airbnb was still a viable option.

Craigslist remains an option. However, I’d vet tenants who come from Craigslist with greater care. We have never had any problems with Craigslist tenants. However, Airbnb has a much more strict screening process. Be careful.

Facebook Marketplace allows you to also find renters. We haven’t yet used Facebook Marketplace to find renters, but it is a favorite amongst furniture buyers. Renters would be the same, I think. In both cases, yes, you should put them on a rental agreement.

3. Paying Sites

FurnishedFinder, Wanderly, and CorporateHousingByOwner are all sites that cater to finding you tenants who want a furnished, 30-plus-day rental. However, I have never used any of these products. The fees seemed too high, or I didn’t feel the need to use anything other than my usual resources. (Airbnb, Craigslist) However, I know of people who have been satisfied with these sites.

The Bottom Line

You can use medium-term rental to transition into or out of a short-term rental. You get paid more for a longer-term tenant, but you do less work.

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